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Pile the Toppings with a Gourmet Waffle Bar
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Pile the Toppings with a Gourmet Waffle Bar Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 04, 2016   2390   1
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Pile the Toppings with a Gourmet Waffle Bar

Hosting a waffle bar is a great way to get acquainted with residents. It also makes a perfect early morning meet up or weekend brunch.  The nooks and crannies in the waffles can hold lot of extra treats and are the perfect plain base for a variety of toppings.


1.       For waffle bar that runs smoothly you’re going to want to have at least two or three waffle irons that you’re working to crank out the waffles. You can borrow from residents and employees in advance, or purchase waffle irons ($20) specifically for the event.

2.       Mix the batter the morning of the event and keep it in large pitchers to make the process a bit faster.

3.       Get a rough headcount of attendees and encourage residents to RSVP for the event using programs like Whoozin, Evite, or Facebook events. This will make it easier to calculate needed ingredients and proportions.

4.       The day of your event, be sure to protect all tables and surfaces from accidental spills.

5.       Arrange all the ingredients in clear containers with easy to read labels.

6.       Keep cutlery and extra napkins available for residents for when the waffles get messy.

7.       Encourage residents to take pictures with their creations for use on social media and any promotional materials. (Note: always get a signed release of any images you intend to use)

*TIP* Consider making the toppings easy for kids to reach as well – or have a shorter, kid-friendly table with extra ingredients. 


Aim for a mix of traditional recipes and more experimental versions of waffle batters.


Image source: Food Network

Classic Crispy Waffles – A made from scratch version of the classic waffle.

Gluten-Free Waffles – These waffles are great for residents that need to eat gluten-free for health or allergy reasons. 

Multigrain Waffles – This waffle recipe contains a heart-healthy blend of three different grains; whole wheat flour and wheat germ, cornmeal, and oats. It is also buttermilk-based as well.


Image source: Food Network

For funkier fare, and depending on the season, consider wilder waffle varieties like Pumpkin-Chipotle Waffles, or Sweet potato waffles, and other more adventurous recipes.

For toppings be sure to set out a range of choices. Some waffle toppings ideas include:

·         Whipped cream

·         Flavored yogurt

·         Greek yogurt

·         Plain yogurt

·         Sour cream

·         Cream cheese

·         Flavored cream cheese

·         Honey

·         Maple syrup

·         Preserves

·         Jam

·         Jelly

·         Peanut butter

·         Nutella

·         Diced fresh, local, and seasonal fruit (strawberries, apples, bananas, peaches, or berries)

·         Canned fruit cocktail

·         Whipped cream

·         Butter

·         Nuts

·         Chia seeds

·         Ground spices in shakers like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.


Image source: Averie Cooks

*TIP* One thing to keep in mind are any food allergies that your resident’s may have. Be sure to inquire  in advance that if anyone has special food allergies. Have residents contact you ahead of time to ask for special arrangements. Do your best to accommodate. If needed, prep any special waffles first and set aside before using the more traditional recipes on the waffle irons to avoid cross-contamination of allergens.


In keeping with the waffle look and theme, allow kids to make woven placemats using 12” x 18” construction paper rectangles ($3.50 for 50) and decorative wrapping paper. They can even be encouraged to use them as they eat. 

Image source: Make and Takes

To make the mats a keepsake item, be sure to
laminate them with clear Con-Tact paper ($8.50 for a 9 foot roll) before using so they can be easily wiped clean after use.

*BONUS* Have recipe cards ready to hand out for all the waffle recipes used and share them with attendees the day of the event.


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