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Brent Williams  

Olympic Games With Your Comps! Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  December 15, 2011   4294   0
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Olympic Games With Your Comps!

You must be extremely brave to try this event, but I believe this could be an amazing way to develop an incredibly strong sense of camaraderie among your residents!  But here is the part that will scare off all but the most adventurous – it involves your competitors.  Yes, this is an event that spans not just your community, but also your local competition.

So what is this idea?  Olympic Games Against Your Competition

This Olympic festival will be several competitions over several weeks, and can encompass a variety of different events, such as sports, cooking, or other competitive situations.  The basic idea is that each community forms a team that represents that community, which of course means that each team’s goal is to beat the other communities in the area.  This not only inspires connections between the teammates, but it also sets them in opposing situations relative to your comps.  You would obviously want this to be done in a fun spirit, but this will create stronger ties to the community, even for those that are not competing.

This idea could also be run as an intramural league(s), as well, to simplify things.

What do you think?  Insane idea, or a really neat way to foster connections between your residents and your community?

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I don't think this is as intimidating as you do...

This reminds me of summer camp, where two different "cabins" compete against each other in some sort of "games" scenario. I don't think competing with your comps is a bad thing! You're not necessarily advertising for them, since the event would be held off-site. What I think would really happen is people would begin to feel a sense of pride in their apartment pride for a team.

I would be interested to know if anyone has done this type of event or if they would be willing to try it. I think it would be awesome!

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I think this is a wonderful idea, especially for smaller towns! I will be taking with my team on Monday and see what they think. Thank you for sharing!

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